• CEDAN School
    For all children
    On the CEDAN campus we have a school for students from first through 6th grade.
    Educating our children is the start to a brighter future
  • CEDAN Medical Clinic
    CEDAN Medical Clinic
    Since free health care is not available nor convenient for many
    of the rural communities of northern Haiti, CEDAN operates several medical clinics.
  • CEDAN Church
    Our Churches
    Pastor Henri Robert
    pastors a church on the CEDAN compound.
    He also helped start several other churches in the area.

Our Schools

We are trying to attract the children of our area and enrich their education as most do not or cannot attend school regularly.

Our Medical Clinics

CEDAN operates several medical clinics in outlying areas that are staffed by nurses. We always welcome medical teams to come to CEDAN.

Our Churches

All of our churches are spreading the gospel to the local people and trying to meet practical needs when funds are available.

CEDAN Team Member
CEDAN School
CEDAN Medical Clinic

Welcome to CEDAN

CEDAN (Center for Evangelization and Development at Acul du Nord, Haiti) has been serving the Cap Haitian, Acul du Nord, Limbe region of northern Haiti for 35 years through churches, clinics, meal services, and schools.

CEDAN was founded by Pastor Henri Robert in 1984. The ministry is faith based and seeks to clothe, feed, teach and heal God§Ó??s precious souls. CEDAN§Ó??s primary mission is to reach the lost with the hope and good news of God§Ó??s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ while meeting some of the practical needs of the people in one of the most impoverished nations in the world.


Mission Opportunities

CEDAN welcomes teams of all kinds of people. Medical teams are always needed, but we also can use anyone who has a heart to serve the Lord. In Haiti it isn§Ó??t always what you do that is important but just the fact that you are there. Your presence shows the people that you care about them.

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