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CEDAN (Center for Evangelization and Development at Acul du Nord, Haiti) has been serving the Cap Haitian, Acul du Nord, Limbe region of northern Haiti for 35 years through churches, clinics, meal services, and schools

CEDAN was founded by Pastor Henri Robert in 1984. (See Henri’s life story.) The ministry is faith based and seeks to clothe, feed, teach and heal God’s precious souls. CEDAN’s primary mission is to reach the lost with the hope and good news of God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ while meeting some of the practical needs of the people in one of the most impoverished nations in the world.

CEDAN is staffed by Haitians living and working in the communities they serve. All donations go directly to CEDAN to carry out the ministry. Teams from the U.S. are encouraged to come to Haiti to see the ministry and to work along side Haitians who work tirelessly to minister to their countrymen.

The Area

CEDAN serves a rural area of the NORD province of Haiti.

The capital of the province is Cap Haitian which is the second largest city in Haiti. The Haitian National Highway runs from Cap Haitian to the the capital city, Port au Prince.

The CEDAN compound is on the national highway approximately 15 miles southwest of Cap Haitian and 10 miles from Limbe, the site of the Christian University of North Haiti. The CEDAN compound is in a rural area comprised of small communities which have no services and are off of a functioning electric grid. The nearest real store, gasoline station or service is at least 10 miles away.

Since the employment rate is only about 10%, most of the work done in the area is subsistence farming, and families of the area live on $1.00 to $1.50 per day. The few individuals with full time employment usually work everyday for around $2.50 per day.

There is little transportation and almost none without cost. Going to the market on Saturday is a major undertaking. Health care for something more than a minor problems is beyond the families’ abilities to pay.

Several of the communities in which our mobile medical clinics serve are on dirt roads. During heavy rain periods, these large village areas are cut off from all service as roads become impassible from flooding.

Before Pastor Henri Robert began the work of CEDAN, voodooism had a strong influence in Acul du Nord. Local Haitians will attest to the fact that because of the ministry of CEDAN, the area has changed dramatically and voodooism has become less influential.


Henri Robert pastors a church on the CEDAN compound.

He also helped start several other churches in the area. Each one has a local Haitian pastor. Some have schools connected with them, and some host medical clinics. All of them are spreading the gospel to the local people and trying to meet practical needs when funds are available.


On the CEDAN campus we have a school for students from first through 6th grade.

The local state school has become ineffective as their teachers have been paid very irregularly and are often over a year behind in receiving their salaries. The off and on schedule does not provide sufficient regularity to educate the young of our area.

We are trying to increase our enrollment to 250 children in order to attract the children of our area and enrich their education as most do not attend school regularly. As our area is food challenged, most of the children cannot count on an adequate healthy diet for learning. We offer a free lunch meal for our students in addition to our policy of free education. We need approximately $50 USD a day for food and pray that God will provide. We give all of our students the school supplies necessary for their schooling although we always need more donations. We pray that our friends will assist us in providing for the provision of food and supplies. These things are so important for the young people of our area. The expansion of the teaching staff and their salaries is a major faith step for our congregation and friends but is necessary for the children of our community.

Chalmagne Peralte, one of the schools in LImbe, under the leadership of Pastor Amos Ulysnor, is trying to raise about $4000 to add more rooms to increase the number of students who cherish the quality of the education we offer. Shall we pray and put hands together to do this for the glory of God!

CEDAN also works with several other schools under its umbrella including one where Pastor Henri was a student, then went on to become a teacher and then eventually principal!

Donations to help the schools can be made through the Haitian Fund.

Medical Clinics

Since free health care is not available nor convenient for many of the rural communities of northern Haiti, CEDAN operates several medical clinics in outlying areas that are staffed by nurses.

Often hundreds of people will come and wait several hours to be seen by a nurse. Limited amounts of medicine are provided to the patients. We depend on donations from our supporters for medicine. Maintaining supplies of medicine and additional salaries for our nurses is a constant challenge due to the great needs of our communities. Please pray for the situation of health care for our poor communities as the lack of acute long term and acute emergency care has created a critical problem for our nation’s poor.

When funds are available, a free lunch is provided for the patients. Some of the medical needs are caused by poor nutrition and/or lack of food.

We always welcome medical teams to come to CEDAN. One group from Ventura, California comes every year to run a dental clinic. Other medical teams come with doctors and nurses to help.

Feeding Programs

Many people who come to the medical clinics and schools do not have adequate food. When funds are available, a meal is provided free of charge. We can always use donations to provide one of the basic needs of our people.

Water Projects

Clean water is essential for the health of the people. Right now we are trying to raise funds to help get a new well for one area where thousands are victims of typhoid, malaria, etc. The cost of the project is about $4000.

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