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Henri Robert’s Life Story

Greetings and best regards and wishes from your brothers and sisters in Haiti. My name is Henri Claude Robert, a native of Haiti, a country neighbor to the Dominican Republic.

On October 30, 1947, God delivered from Marilia’s womb this handsome guy whose life was dedicated at birth to a devil called Lenglessou that my parents were serving. I was the ninth of ten children born from my mother. Those 10 children were to be divided in half between that devil and my parents. Being the 9th child, I was supposed to be killed by Lenglessou as were the1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th.

However, however, and however! God, because of His special plan for my life, didn’t let that happen. He chose me even before my conception to be a channel to thousands today. I was born in a Voodoo family. I was growing without guidance and destination. I was so bad that everywhere I went, I was rejected by everybody. Even my parents did not value my existence. I was alone living the wildest life.

However, however! The one who created me and the only one who could see all my potential, the Almighty God, grabbed me from that devil’s hands and saved me to serve Him through many others today.

This is how that happened. One day, I did the worst evil thing to my father. I spilled his coffee which might have been his only meal for the whole day. He got so mad that he was trying to catch me to choke me. When I noticed that, I ran away with my decision not to ever return home. My plan was to spend the rest of my life under the coffee trees and be a wild birds hunter as many were.

In the late afternoon of that very day, I headed to the soccer field to play soccer as usual. I was naked except for a long, dirty shirt that I tied between my legs. On my way to the soccer field, I met for the first time in my life a white-skinned person that I thought was a cannibal trying to catch me and kill me for meat. I was afraid to death and said to myself, “Oh, God! Today my life is over!”

However, that person was like an angel sent by God from heaven to defeat all predictions pronounced against His child, Henri. That person was Ivah Heneise, a missionary sent to Haiti to win the lost. She was calling me like this, “Little boy, come to me; I love you.”

My answer was this, “No way to get closer to you!” She kept saying, “I love you and will take care of you.” I continued replying, “Devil, you love my body, not me” and kept trying to run away. She kept trying to get me saying, “Follow me to my house and I will feed you.” Well, when I head the word “feed,” I changed my mind and decided to follow her, because I was starving. I waited for her outside the kitchen where she brought some cheese, milk, cookies, and some other stuff that I had never had before. After I ate, my stomach was full.

Ivah gave me a machete to cut the weeds in her yard on that very day. I did everything she showed me to do. At the end of the day, she gave me 16 cents and a pair of pants to cover myself, for I was found naked at the age of 11. She asked me to come everyday. Those 16 cents were the first money I every had. I was so glad that I decided to return home to share the news with my parents. I first went to my mother and told her about my adventure. She was so happy and called my father to hear about it. My dad saw the money, 16 pennies, and my new outfit. He was so happy that he even forgot the wrong-doing that I did to him. (Go back to and confess.)

Ivah kept me for only two months and passed me on to Mildred Benson’s keeping. She was the teacher of the other missionaries’ kids. I was her yard boy. She loved me very much, because I was obedient to all her orders. She daily talked to me about Jesus and taught me John 3:16. Mildred helped me to understand that it was important to me to make room for Christ in my life.

I was convinced by her advice and accepted Jesus as my personal savior and made Him the Only Lord of my life. After I did that, my life and my behavior improved. Everyone around me could see a great change with me. Seeing that, my new life brought both my parents and all my brothers and sisters to Christ. With Jesus in my life, wicked Henri became a new creature. At age 15, I was a bridge to my parents, brothers and sisters to win them for Christ. Praise God!

My father was a silly beer drinker and was addicted to cigarettes. He drank so much that he was diagnosed to die before the age of 60, but because of his new life in Christ, he lived until the age of 102.

I could not read nor write. Miss Benson sent me to the grade school and made sure that I attended Sunday School on a regular basis. I was a model to many in both institutions, and some years later, I became the principal of that same school where my education began. There I’m still training thousands for the glory of the Lord.

In 1973, I married Louise Lumene, a devoted Christian girl in my communityi. We have five children and several grandchildren. In 1975 I entered the Baptist Theological Seminary of Haiti where I spent four years. After graduation I was on staff at two Baptist churches.

In 1984 the Lord led me to start a new ministry in Acul du Nord, called CEDAN (Center for Evangelism and Development of Acul du Nord) where the churches and schools under its umbrella are leading souls to the Lord.

My ministry is a great opportunity to serve the Lord by educating, teaching, feeding, clothing, and healing the poor. The field is wide, and we need more laborers. Our motto is “Saved to Serve. I am convinced that your desire is identical to mine. As a matter of fact, you are invited to join me in grabbing from the devil’s hands those who are lost to bring them to the Lord.

This ministry can go nowhere except by your prayer and financial support. Be aware that your donations help to reward our teachers, feed and clothe the poor students, help the homeless, and heal the sick.

Our Medical Clinic

Since free health care is not available nor convenient for many of the rural communities of northern Haiti, CEDAN operates several medical clinics in outlying areas that are staffed by nurses.

Our Church

Henri Robert pastors a church on the CEDAN compound. He also helped start several other churches in the area. Each one has a local Haitian pastor.


All the money received through the Haitian Fund goes directly to Pastor Henri Robert for the ministry of CEDAN. If you wish to designate your donation to a particular area (schools, clinics, food etc.) or project, please include a note with your check, and the money will be used for that project.Donations

Our Schools

The local state school has become ineffective as their teachers have been paid very irregularly and are often over a year behind in receiving their salaries. The off and on schedule does not provide sufficient regularity to educate the young of our area.

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